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Warehouse Management

Warehouse management services comprise deployment of people, equipment and processes to manage customer warehouses and operations within them. Under this category, we offer services including material handling, stock keeping, grading and sorting, breaking bulk, repacking, inward and outward dispatches, return logistics, among others.

Business Models

We own the operation of logistics by the Producer
Asset Based Logistics where we follow the Traditional Transporter and warehouse model
Forwarding/ Contract Logistics where we manage the complex service chains for our customers including Warehouse administration, Investments, Software management, Facility management services for the warehouse, Assets repair and maintenance, Renovation and modification works, and many more.
End-to-end management of the Supply Chain process
A well run warehouse plays a key role in business success
Good warehouse management impacts the entire supply chain

Key Services

Inbound and outbound logistics on an output-based model
Staffing for warehouse operations like Loading, Unloading, Picker & Packer, Breakbulk and Repacking, DEO, etc
Last mile delivery – Feet on Street
Material handling equipment leasing
Handling damages and Reverse logistics

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