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Institutional Catering

Our food services comprise corporate (including educational institutions) and industrial catering. Through this, we offer full range food and beverage services including breakfast, lunch and dinners for employees, meetings and conference lunches and dinners at commercial and industrial facilities. We also provide traditional snack items during mid-afternoon tea and coffee breaks. In addition, we collaborate with our customers to create custom-built menus to match their requirements.

We lay special emphasis on food safety and rely on daily frequent laboratory tests to ensure that our ingredients and the food prepared, are safe and bacteria-free, for consumption under FSSAI and ISO 22000 standards. We serve about 1,00,000+ meals and beverages per month catering to about 17 customers.

Why Us?

Operational Excellence
Strict adherence to timelines
Quality, Health and Hygiene

We cater to

Beverage and Snack Counters
Executive Dining
Food Courts
Educational Institutions
Guest House and pantries

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