Integrated Facilities
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UDS is the preferred business services partner to over 800+ companies across India. Our strength comes from our Employee Commitment, Excellence in services, Customer Centricity and deep Customer Relationships. It is these attributes that enable us to service large enterprises with complex needs through our broad spectrum of services.







UDS offers Integrated Facility Management Across All Sectors

Integrated facility management encompasses a range of disciplines and services to ensure the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of a building environment. It includes operations, maintenance and leverages communications management focused on the efficient and effective delivery of FM and support services for organizations.

At UDS we know that each sector has their own requirements. Whether it is a Hospital or a Port or even a Software Hub, we know the needs of every customer is unique. Through our work over the past three decades we have internalized the key requirement of each sector and used that knowledge to create bespoke solutions for our customers.

Our customers say they choose UDS because our solutions ensure a simpler, more consolidated approach towards facility management that is also cost effective. With UDS by their side, they are able to focus more on their core business.

Over time, we have successfully delivered exceptional business services in sectors like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, Pharma and IT/ITeS. Our organization now has a footprint across India with a dedicated team of over 50,000 employees.

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