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Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Services in Mumbai

Cleanliness can have a huge impact on contributing to a safe and secure workplace for your staff. With a focus on quality, efficiency and sustainable delivery models, we are one of the Mumbai’s leading cleaning and environmental service specialists offering a wide range of high-end commercial & industrial cleaning services throughout Mumbai. Designed to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness through our highly trained and technology-enabled specialist cleaning teams - we deliver the exceptional, every day.

Our products are world class and certified non-toxic, non-oxidising, non-mutagenic, non-carcinogenic, hypo allergenic and non-corrosive. Our teams are expertly trained in efficient technology-based cleaning solutions with zero environmental impact & sustainability.

Whatever the purpose and size of your facilities, we can provide the most cost effective cleaning and environmental services for your business.


Commercial cleaning is undergoing a sea change driven by customers’ demand for greater social responsibility, eco-friendly products and a commitment to sustainability. Green cleaning, with green cleaning practices is the No. 1 trend in the cleaning industry and we not only meet your green expectations but ensure sustainable cleaning solutions with our technology enabled applications.

Our eco-friendly cleaners are trained to handle general waste, confidential waste and hazardous, toxic wastes as per environmental specifications while ensuring continuous improvement processes.

Sustainability plays a key role in our smart cleaning services that focusses on water management & waste reduction processes. As Mumbai's leading Integrated Facilities Management firm, we understand the uniqueness of every facility which is why we collaborate with you to create a tailormade smart & sustainable cleaning plan that measures water consumption & monitors waste creation.

Our clients benefit from environment friendly water & waste reduction strategies that are put in place earlier than later aided by our smart sensor-based technologies to ensure an overall clean & healthy workspace.

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Services

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Service Highlights

Efficient technology-based cleaning solutions with zero environmental impact
Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity
Waste segregation at source
Environment friendly waste disposal
Recycling & reduction of waste, pollution and environmental degradation
Cleanroom services

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