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Successful implementation of automated mailroom solutions on latest technology platforms

Process Methodology

Process methodology adopted for this would be that of a “Hub & Spoke” network model. Hub would be setup at a central point where most of the mailing activity happens which could be connected and service any number of spokes as per the average volume of mail flow within a particular organisation. A diagrammatic presentation of the model is provided below

Each of the above clusters can be created in each city or region of operation which can be consolidated into a central hub which would act as the central data repository. A diagrammatic representation of data flow and mail flow is in a consolidated scenario is given below.

Inward Mail Management process

Outward Mail Management process

Automated Mailroom solutions

Logical process designed mail slots for easy retrieval of mails as per SLA’s
Process defined for every activity
Instant mail track and trace facility
Substantial savings on mailing costs
Cost synergies available
Minimised probability of error due to a combination of human and technology interface
Franking done in-house accruing savings & attracting incentives
Central repository for all data pertaining to physical mail
Effective consolidation on a particular destination for mailers and others
Process synchronisation to optimise courier cut off times
Effective bulk mail consolidation achievable after establishment of mail room set-up in all branches
Create more effective return mail processing processes
Error free management of postage and courier accounts
Higher bargaining power with the channel vendor in terms of cost and operations
Cost allocation possible on volume basis rather than sq.ft basis or per head basis
Opportunity available for operational synergy in terms of level 1 data entry happening at the mailroom stage
Single window point for incoming and outgoing mails

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