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What is a warehouse strategy?

Every warehouse functions with two prime objectives: to maintain consistent, optimal delivery times and reduce storage costs for their clients. A warehouse & storage strategy is any plan that facilitates these objectives, apart from supporting other warehouse factors such as:

  • Management of order quantity.
  • Maintenance of delivery lead time.
  • Adaptability to season trends.
  • Adaptability to consumer demands.

To ensure customers receive value-added services that move the product from the client to their customers' hands in a seamless, profitable fashion, warehouses must adopt certain storage strategies.

This article deals with strategies and ideas that will be valuable for every logistics warehouse management company in India.

Customer-oriented storage strategies that every logistics warehouse management company should adopt

Customer demand is an ever-shifting element that every business aims to fulfil. With warehouse management, it is no different. Keeping pace with the customer demand means delivering whatever they want and whenever they want it.

Organisations depend on warehousing as a critical phase in their business process because it is often the end phase of an entire process. It bears immense significance because warehousing completes the logistics chain that ends with delivering goods to the end consumer. This is just one of the reasons why warehouses need to implement good storage strategies such as:

Consolidated warehousing operations.

Warehouses are only getting bigger, which is mainly because warehouse operators see them as a better investment. Running small warehouses close to regional markets offers far lesser benefits than setting up one large warehouse that caters to multiple regions.

Much thought and planning go into investing in a large, consolidated warehouse. Operators must look for land that is strategically placed to aid the easy transportation of goods. A consolidated warehouse calls for a big investment, but it is an investment that generates better ROI.

Implementing a sound warehouse management system

A WMS is a boon for warehouse operators. It serves as a central link for all the major warehousing processes such as production, shipping, scheduling, delivery and order fulfilment. Here are the reasons why we claim that a sound WMS can be the lifeline of any warehouse and logistics management company:

  • It streamlines the use of valuable resources like space, labour, equipment, money and time.
  • It ensures the smooth flow of products from inventory into the consumer market.
  • Automated WMS makes for an ideal inventory tracking tool.
  • Minimises the downtime in warehousing.
  • Integrating WMS with logistics technology improves the efficiency of the supply chain.
  • It enhances vendor-customer communication.
  • It ensures shipping accuracy.

Adopting a flexible warehouse design

Flexibility is a key element of a warehouse design that promises optimum use of space to ensure a seamless workflow. Besides, flexibility is imperative for warehouses with futuristic plans to improve and increase operations to meet ever-changing customer demands.

How can flexibility become a part of the warehouse design?

  • By implementing a team-build approach right from the very beginning for all the vital warehousing processes.
  • Redesigning the layout to suit the flow of products as per seasonal demand.
  • Trying out simulation models before choosing a design that suits the business objectives.
  • Implementing designs that also cater to the wellness of employees.

Outsourcing warehouse management and operations

Entrusting a part of the entire warehousing operations to reliable facility services companies like UDS is a sensible way to keep the operations going within the stipulated budget. Outsourcing warehouse operations has more pros than cons:

  • Availability of value-added services to meet the growing customer demands.
  • Outsourcing is a quick solution to solve temporary storage needs.
  • Reliable transportation and freight -forwarding.
  • Fewer responsibilities in warehousing operations allow the focus to be shifted to main business objectives.

While outsourcing is seen as a better solution, the success of outsourcing largely depends on the experience and expertise of third-party service providers.

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