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Warehousing, Logistics and 3PL Support Services

With the advent of Industry 4.0 - with highly automated robotic plants, UDS is able to meet our customers requirements of supplying a trained workforce that can transition its talents quickly and work effectively on various state of art critical equipment’s and machinery. We have partnered with numerous warehousing and logistics supply chain firms and various global conglomerates - who engage with us across different support functions in the warehousing & logistics & 3PL support. We augment our customers talent supply chains to meet their needs for manufacturing and logistics talent across industries like automotive, consumer goods, industrial products, fabrication units, FMCG’s, Healthcare, Avionics, Energy, Petrochemicals, Pharmas, High tech electronics, 3PL and many more.


  • Receipt of goods from various suppliers including unloading
  • Sorting and grading of unloaded materials
  • Storing, Batch making & Standardization of crates
  • Order processing
  • Loading & Transport related co ordination
  • Inter cellular movement
  • Waste management
  • Rejected item management
  • Housekeeping
  • MIS preparation
  • Quality control in all the stages
  • Coordination with client’s team lead.

Warehouse, Logistics and 3PL Support
Services in India

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Complete single point responsibility for Warehouse, Logistics and 3PL support services including with staffing solutions

Vendor development and management
Monitor performance of all contractual obligations by various sub-contractors as per SLA’s and KPI's
All Inbound, Outbound, Replenishment, System training, process training activities
Management of distribution centres
Accountability for all receipts and dispatch
Deliver inventory accuracy as per client KPI’s
Coordinate with designated transport operator for smooth flow of vehicles from-to stores

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