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Staffing Support For Offices

UDS is rated amongst the manpower outsourcing company in fulfilling office staffing requirements to top business houses in India. We adopt a tailored approach to all office staffing needs with trained resources ensuring service continuity with minimum interruption and maximum results.

Screening hundreds of resumes is not only time consuming but takes off valuable time and energy that these businesses could have well spent in managing their core businesses and this is where our approach to hiring and deploying staff at our customer's facility is modelled to deliver exceptional services with excellence, positivity, integrity and dedication.

Our ‘placing people first’ exercise include a diverse range of talented administrators in the following, but not limited to, categories across India:

  • Front office / reception
  • Office and administration assistance
  • Reprographics
  • Document management
  • Data Entry
  • Procurement Support teams
  • Fleet Management
  • Mailroom Management
  • Pantry & kitchen management
  • Help Desk Management
  • Sales and Marketing resources management
  • Drivers
Placing people first' approach
Diverse range of talented administrators
Effective deployment of
unskilled, semi skilled
and unskilled workforce
Technical staffing
for all industry types

Production – Support staffing

In today’s fluctuating world, the manufacturing sector may either employ a contingent workforce or full time workforce depending on production needs. UDS is known for its expertise over decades in fulfilling production manpower outsourcing demands.

We are currently managing, supplying and optimizing workforce solutions through our supply database - to all industrial plants, ensuring effective deployment of labour at for all support areas - at shop floors, assembly areas, stores or warehouses.

With the most extensive branch network in industries across India, we can deliver all kinds of staffing solutions at local and national levels for almost every sector, including specialist industries. We can also work with you to evaluate existing processes and tailor solutions to deliver better cost savings. With customized training in coordination with your training preferences we can deliver optimum results onsite. Our support staff are continuously updated with the latest technical skills and well-qualified fit for your manufacturing teams – whether skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled. Our workforce is trained to follow and comply with OSHA standards in safety and all relevant workforce compliances on Industrial safety. At UDS, we find, engage and retain 20000 plus employees in the manufacturing and logistics vertical every year, across all levels and roles.

With our pan India presence our customers get the benefit in ensuring.

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Uniform experience
  • All national, state and industry compliances
  • Reduced administrative overheads
  • Consistent reporting
  • Robust platforms
  • Life-cycle transparency
  • Established Processes
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Industrial Safety & Compliances

Our HSE Management processes are designed to reduce injuries and eliminate near misses and incidents. Our workforce placed at your site are trained on safety thinking and tracking indicators that can help make effective interventions to prevent and reduce incidents and injuries.

Managing ongoing compliances to all government and industry regulations, legislations and standards ensure that are service delivery is not only professional but fully compliant.

Our workforce is trained to follow and comply with OSHA standards in safety. UDS has an excellent record in zero near misses and zero accidents which is inherent with our Safety culture. Our production and warehouse support services include continuous training cycles during which the most critical parameters of safety with extensive training programmes are inculcated in our workforce. Critical subjects on prevention of potential hazards and its solutions – form a part of our business continuity plans. The curriculum includes potential hazards and solutions on Forklifts, Hazard communication, Electrical & wring methods, Electrical system design, guarding floor & wall openings & holes, Exits, Mechanical power transmission, Respiratory protection, lockout tagout and portable fire extinguishers

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Providing trained resources & operators - skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled
Quick Support in ramp up or down activities - based on production patterns
Availability of trained contingent workforce as buffer for temporary placement
Customized Contract models like staffing, service delivery models or turnkey models on output basis

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