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Facilities Management Company: An Introduction

Every organization relies on multiple services and functions to keep its core business operations running smoothly. Facility management encompasses everything that ensures the consistent support of the services and functions at the right time and the right quality. It is the comprehensive administration of the workplace, the workforce, and the capital assets of an organization. 

Facility maintenance also implements carefully chosen strategies, tools and processes to promote a dynamic work environment and increase productivity. It is now a trend to rely on a reputed facilities management company to implement facility management programs to take care of :

  • Industrial corporations.
  • Manufacturing units.
  • Commercial companies.
  • Educational institutions.
  • Corporate offices.
  • Super markets.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Healthcare facilities.
  • Food-related businesses.

Importance of facility management for medium and big companies

A well-structured facilities management program addresses all the immediate and long-term necessities of an organization to ensure that the business is always in a proper operating condition. 

Relying on a facility management program has immense benefits for any organization:

  • It ensures a safe and comfortable work environment for the employees.
  • Consistent management ensures low maintenance costs because preventive maintenance costs less than reactive maintenance. 
  • Facility management takes care of waste disposal and the hygienic maintenance of the premises.
  • Workplace hazards are very rare because facility management enforces enough safety measurements. 

Responsibilities of a facility manager

A facility manager is responsible for overseeing multiple duties that pertain to maintenance, handling legal requirements, optimizing operations and safety standards. In a nutshell, they look after all the services of an organization. 

A facility manager’s responsibilities include:

  • Testing all fire safety systems.
  • Supervising teams that are in charge of cleaning, security, parking, catering, etc.
  • Delegating tasks to respective teams that are incharge of various maintenance duties. 
  • Ensuring the basic amenities of the building are in a working condition. 
  • Managing facility maintenance within the stipulated budget.
  • Ensuring that the facility meets all government regulations and standards. 
  • Supervising renovations and refurbishments.
  • Helping the organization relocate or move into new buildings

Types of facility management

Facility management varies with every organization, which means the maintenance activities also differ with the building. Facility management also has a lot to do with the nature of the business, the size of the building in which the business functions, workplace regulations and laws, and the amenities in the building. 

Facility maintenance comprises two important categories: 

  • Soft maintenance services

Soft maintenance is more about services that pertain to the comfort, convenience, cleanliness and other such services. Some of the crucial soft maintenance services include:

  • Waste management programs.
  • Allotment and maintenance of parking lots.
  • Allotment of security teams. 
  • Preparing cleaning schedules.
  • Preparing monthly maintenance schedules.
  • Finding the right caterers for the company.
  • Taking care of pest control. 
  • Hard maintenance services

Hard maintenance is just the opposite of soft services. They constitute the services done to protect the physical structure of the building to ensure the safety of the people who work in the building. The best examples of hard maintenance services are:

  • Energy management.
  • Plumbing.
  • Heating services.
  • Air conditioning services. 
  • Fire alarms and safety systems.
  • General building maintenance. 

How an ideal facilities management company works

A facility management company creates programs and plans that involve both preventive and routine maintenance schedules to keep the entire infrastructure running without a hitch. Unexpected issues like electrical faults, machine failure, leakage, require technicians to fix them. 

Facilities managements working for large organizations have to implement a complex plan with different types of maintenance approaches and regulatory requirements. They also must keep their data updated and their staff well-coordinated to keep everything working without chaos. 

Facility managements that oversee giant corporations use computerized maintenance management systems to streamline their work. The computerized system simplifies the entire work schedule as it stores all the data regarding contracts, equipment, assets, staff information, work order management, and all crucial reports. 

Upgrade your facility management with UDS, India.

Facility maintenance is becoming more complex as companies grow bigger. Having the support of an experienced professional facilities management company like UDS in India, gives you the right resources to create a safe workplace with efficient operations. 

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