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Facilities Management And Its Importance For An Organization

Facilities management or FM is a relatively new discipline, but it has proved to be immensely beneficial for many organizations as it takes a huge burden off their shoulders. Whether it is the retail space, food business, educational institution or manufacturing unit, the prime goal of a facility management company is to ensure its smooth operation. 

Integrated facilities services are fast becoming a well-recognized profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure unhindered functionality of the organization. 

Many industrial sectors are finding it easier to hand over the responsibility of managing and maintaining their facilities to FM services. It gives the workforce one less thing to worry about, thus giving them more time to focus on their business goals. 


Reasons why integrated facilities services are important in today’s business world

Given below are a few reasons why every medium and large organizations should opt for facilities management services:

  • It enhances work efficiency. 

A well-maintained and managed facility ensures a smooth workflow with less disruptions. It allows companies to make predictive maintenance rather than reactive maintenance that may turn out to be an expensive affair. 

It also allows people to recognize, predict and prevent organizational issues, however small or big they are. 

  • It boosts employee efficiency. 

An organized setup is what every employee looks forward to. It has a remarkable influence over employee morale and facility management can instil that morale very easily. Properly managed facilities not only ensure their safety, but also helps them focus better on their work. It makes them feel proud about their workplace. 

A boosted employee morale automatically boosts their productivity, which is immensely beneficial for the organization. 

  • It impresses potential customers and business partners.

A properly looked-after facility is what impresses and attracts potential partners and important customers for a company. It reflects the work ethics of the organization and this is one of the main reasons why the services of a facilities management company is necessary. 

Neatly mowed lawns, litter-free premises, clean work spaces, well-functioning machinery, and well-maintained basic amenities can create a huge positive impact on anyone who visits the facility. 

  • It is a cost-efficient choice. 

Since facilities management services are responsible for keeping the entire infrastructure in a proper working condition, there are very less chances of maintenance issues. This helps to save on unnecessary costs. With facilities maintenance services, the focus is more on prevention rather than treatment. 

  • Adhering to safety standards. 

FM services are highly professional services that are well-versed in the laws and by-laws concerning facilities, machinery and safety. They take care of all these aspects and ensure that the organization is functioning in compliance with all the government norms regarding the facility, the environment and the workforce. 

  • Enabling technology integration.

Modern organizational setups require the latest technological devices and paraphernalia that is a basic requisite to keep the company functioning. FM services also take care of technology integration in terms of setting up access control systems, and streamlining tech processes. They also determine the cost, and the ROI of setting up advanced tech systems for an organization.

The different tasks of a facilities management company

The tasks of an FM service company will differ with every industrial sector. What might be apt for a healthcare service might not be apt for an educational institution. But, there are certain tasks that are common for all organizations. They include:

  • Planned, preventive maintenance. 
  • Electricity and electrical components maintenance.
  • Lift and elevator maintenance. 
  • Water supply and drainage.
  • Health and safety.
  • Gas, heating and air conditioning services. 
  • Overall plumbing services.
  • Emergency and reactive maintenance.
  • Pest control services. 
  • Gardening services.
  • Electrical inspection and testing.
  • Garbage disposal.
  • Portable appliance testing.

The dedicated professionals of an FM team are involved in the everyday management, repair and maintenance of the organization’s facilities. They plan strategies that support their client’s businesses by curbing unnecessary costs, increasing productivity and improving processes. 

UDS, India: Giving you valuable integrated facilities services 

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