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Landscaping Maintenance Services: How to take it from simple to super

Landscaping is an art. Done with proper planning and expert care, landscaping can effectively change the exterior of any building. Not only that, it can make an impact on potential tenants and increase the rental property value.

There is so much more to landscaping than simple gardening techniques. It involves implementing ideas to improve the available exterior space with harmony and aestheticism, visual appeal. Besides, landscaping is not a one-time job that follows the "fix it and forget it" methods.

Landscaping involves several processes implemented to suit the change of seasons and streamline maintenance activities on a consistent periodical basis.

Here are simple but effective tips for property managers to get the most of landscape maintenance services.

Best landscaping tips for property managers

Being a property manager is a tough job, saddled with several responsibilities. To make landscaping an easy, manageable, and cost-effective operation, here are simple expert tips:

Choosing native plants

One of the biggest mistakes that property managers make is to opt for plant species that are foreign to our environment. It can prove to be a costly mistake for several reasons:

  • The cost of the plant.
  • Lack of knowledge about whether it is a poisonous or invasive species.
  • Unnecessary expenses to nurture the plant that often fails.

To be on the safer side, it is advisable to choose plants native to our land. These plants will have the ability to survive with the nature of the soil, temperature, and water availability and nutrients. Besides, it won't cost as much to maintain native plants, which also have better resistance to pests than non-native species.

Investing in mulching

For plants, mulching is like manna from heaven. It is the process of using dried leaves, wood chips, bark and sawdust to improve the nutrients in the landscape's soil. Regular mulching is imperative to curb weed growth, regulate soil temperature and retain moisture.

Investing in an automatic irrigation system

In a tropical country like India, where temperatures can soar to unbelievable numbers, it is very important to keep the greenery well-hydrated. An automatic irrigation system is a one-time investment that saves time and requires lesser manual work. Property managers must talk to experts about implementing an automatic irrigation system that suits the landscape type and watering schedule.

Invest in hardscape

While grass can make a remarkable improvement in upgrading the visual appeal, it also calls for a lot of devoted work. For property managers seeking to make the most of limited time and resources, investing in hardscapes like walkways, patios, and pavers can prove to be a sensible choice.

Hardscapes save time and money spent on maintenance. It also adds value to the property.

Efficient lawn maintenance tips for property managers

Lawns are appealing blankets of lush greenery- but that is only if they are well-maintained. And lawn maintenance is no walk in the park. A lawn that is left unattended can soon become a patch of land with overgrown grass and weeds. A poorly maintained lawn can damage the property value, apart from becoming a breeding ground for unwelcome visitors like snakes and other reptiles.

The following tips can help to maintain lawns cost-effectively:

  • Getting rid of all rocks, pebbles, and lumps of soil either manually or with hi-tech machinery.
  • Levelling the lawn areas to suit the natural structure of the land.
  • Opting for the type of grass that will suit the soil and climate of the place.
  • Implementing various lawn sowing techniques like sodding and hydro-seeding as per the season.
  • Measuring the pH balance of the soil before seeding the lawn.
  • Using environment-friendly fertilisers and pesticides to allow lawn-friendly insects like ladybugs to thrive in the lawn area.
  • Regular mowing of the lawn using a lawnmower to maintain a consistent grass height and volume.
  • Sufficient water supply to keep the lawn hydrated at all times.
  • Implementing weed-control measures by mowing or manually removing the weeds

UDS: Providing the finest landscape maintenance services in India

UDS is one of India's top facility management companies, offering excellent garden and landscaping services at cost-effective prices. To own lawns and gardens that highlight the beauty of your facility, call our team to book a schedule. Visit our website to get a quote for the service you require.

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