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Handling A Covid19 Outbreak: Disinfection And Decontamination

A Covid19 outbreak is the last thing anyone wants in their home or workplace. With cases rising at a startling speed, it is time to think about the practicalities of dealing with it, should such an unfortunate situation arise.

How much do we know about the Coronavirus?

Not much is the real answer. But what we do know is that we ought to be prepared to deal with it in whatever way we can. Understanding the virus allows us to create strategic protocols and procedures to wipe out the virus and limit its transmission. With very limited information about the virus, the safest strategy is to deploy the best-known disinfection procedures, equipment, and PPE kits.

Information To Collect Before Commencing A Disinfection Service After An Outbreak

Disinfection and decontamination of infected premises require a different and focussed approach. The following information will give the trained personnel a better idea of the situation:

  • The areas within the premises where infected people reside.
  • Tracing their contacts and their whereabouts.
  • The type of HVAC system in the building.
  • The infrastructure of the ducts and air vents in the building.
  • The high-traffic areas of the building.
  • All entrances and exits in the property.
  • Duration for the building to resume operations.
Person with safety gloves and cloth disinfecting home appliances with disinfectants

The Process Of Decontaminating An Infected Building

The cleaning and decontamination method will be based on the guidelines set by the government, WHO or the CDC. Professionals who take over the job will also give their valuable inputs to make the process safe for everyone involved.

A general decontamination process will follow these steps:

  • Segregating the property into cold, hot and warm contamination zones.
  • Sealing all ducts and vents in the HVAC system.
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of all contaminated areas.
  • Thorough disinfection of the HVAC system, the ducts and air vents.
  • Testing of cleaned areas for service efficiency.

Procedures And Products

  • Products 

While all manufacturers claim their disinfectant products completely wipe out the Coronavirus, there is no substantial evidence to support the same. None of the governing bodies like CDC or WHO have supported these false claims, nor have they endorsed any product. According to current research, the following concentration of disinfectants can effectively render certain strains of the coronavirus inert:

  • 78% ethanol
  • 5% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 5-6% Sodium Hypochlorite diluted in water.

It is important to wear protective gear and follow all instructions given on the product's labels. Reliable commercial disinfectant services will have the expertise to carry out the procedure with maximum safety.

  • Procedure 

The procedure commences with a thorough pre-cleaning. This first step ensures that much of the virus is effectively removed as the process progresses because the dirtier the surface, the more the virus tends to linger on it. 

Deep cleaning of all exposed surfaces also increases the efficiency of the disinfectants that are used later on. Deep cleaning is followed by complete disinfection to wipe out any traces of the remnants of the virus.

Implementation of Preventive Measures

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Ever since the early stages of the pandemic, WHO and the Government of India have repeatedly emphasised the need for masking, social distancing and hygienic practices.

Although little is known about the virus, we can protect ourselves by following the given protocols. Covid19 needs more precaution than flu, which is why an infected person must distance themselves from others for a recommended period.

If there is an outbreak in a commercial, residential or industrial building, it is best to call for professional disinfectant services which are better equipped to deal with the situation.

Anyone planning DIY attempts of disinfection must adhere to protocols such as wearing PPE kits and using recommended equipment and supplies. It also calls for ensuring enough dwell time for the disinfectants to linger onto surfaces for efficient eradication of the virus. Special attention should be given to high-touch areas like doorknobs, lift buttons, and switches.

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