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Use Of Commercial Disinfectant Services For Property Owners In India

Keeping the facilities clean and tidy is the primary concern of most property owners, it can be private or commercial. Like how we keep our homes neat and tidy by sweeping, mopping and spurting regularly, large spaces and facilities require regular care to keep them of dirt and germs. It is not easy to maintain commercial properties sparkling clean. We will require help from professional commercial disinfectant services who can provide expert solutions to tackle all your cleaning needs. A professional touch will give different facets to a mundane job like cleaning. 

We are a leading commercial disinfectant services company in India that provides a holistic approach to keep your property tidy and safe. Cleaning a commercial property requires perfect planning as it involves the safety and health of the employees. Companies use different various disinfectant methods and experience and professional staff for cleaning. We can apply commercial services for simple tidying to remove hazardous contaminants. The knowledge and expertise of the team will bring with it the capability to provide enhanced solutions for office disinfection, commercial disinfection, restroom disinfection, medical disinfection and industrial disinfection.

Commercial Disinfectant Services For Facilities

The different services offered by Integrated Facility Management service providers in India generally include cleaning, mechanical cleaning, sanitisation, disinfection and sterilisation. Cleaning is a simple cleaning service that removes visible dirt from the surface. Though it is a simple one, we need to have a cleaning process daily. Mechanical cleaning uses equipment to clean. The action involves scrubbing, scraping, pushing to remove dirt from objects or other surfaces. 

Sanitisation is disinfecting invisible dirt and germs and keeps the premise safe and hygiene. It is not like cleaning. The process de-germs the premise keeping it almost clean. Before sanitisation, the surface should be cleaned. It makes use of sanitisers that remove most of the bacteria within a short period. Disinfection is a process that kills most of the bacteria, nearly 100%. Studies indicate that disinfection eliminates bacteria and other germs within 10 minutes. In hospital premises, it is essential to kill all the germs how much ever time it takes. Sterilisation is powerful enough to kill all microorganisms, viruses and other fungal infections. It is mostly used for medical and dental tools. An autoclave is not a cleaning solution for busy, big and commercial buildings.

Implementing Commercial Disinfectant Services For Large Facilities 

Commercial facilities in India are often crowded and overused, causing dirt to accumulate that needs regular cleaning. While sweeping and mopping have to be done daily, commercial disinfection will have to be planned, generally, for commercial facilities, a combination of mechanical cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation. The office floors should be cleaned off all visible dirt by automatic cleaning. The kitchen and cafeteria will have to be sanitised. The restrooms will have to be disinfected. But, this strategy may not work in today’s scenario with the presence of coronavirus all over. 

Commercially disinfecting the whole office space is an ideal choice to prevent germs from spreading. For such wide disinfection, companies make use of a certified solution to restrict the spread of germs and kill them. Companies also make use of electric chemical atomiser fogging units that will coat the surfaces with a clear, fine, mist of drying solution that will effectively kill all viruses and bacteria. Approved disinfection methods and decertified chemicals have to be used for the purpose.  All touchpoints including tabletops, counters, work stations, desks, tablets keyboards, mouse, phones, toilets, restroom fixtures have to be disinfected. 

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