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UDS has excelled in the greatest challenge of bringing India back to work - post Covid -19, by creating wellness at workspaces combined with sustainability. Our ability to create great & exceptional work environments directly enhances employee performance and productivity in the face of disruption during pandemics

Our Disinfection and Sanitizing services cover all assets fixed & movable with specialized equipments, approved disinfectants & PPE as per WHO & ICMR guidelines. With zero bacteria deep cleaning & personal hygiene solutions – our eco-safe, natural cleaning agents ensure protection on porous and non-porous surfaces from cross-infection. Our clean and hygienic workplace solutions can help teams reach optimum productivity and ensure 100% uptime by reducing the risk of sickness or incidents that result in loss of manhours by significantly decreasing the number of sick days.

Service Highlights

Disinfection and Sanitization of all assets fixed & movable with specialized equipment, approved disinfectants & PPE as per WHO & ICMR guidelines before, during & after pandemics

Zero bacteria Deep Cleaning & personal hygiene solutions

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Get in touch…

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