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Differences Between Commercial Janitorial Services And Commercial Cleaning Services

Business owners must make employees feel at home in the office and other work facilities. It should be made to look like a second home. The office space should be clean, tidy, organised and safe. The best way to ensure the utmost hygiene and safety is to employ the services of a cleaning company. A company must either have in-house cleaning staff or hire a cleaning service company. The in-house cleaning crew will not have all the equipment required for proper cleaning.

Commercial cleaning provides two different services that include commercial janitorial services and commercial cleaning services. We are leading service providers of commercial cleaning in India, offering both janitorial and commercial services. Janitorial service includes regular cleaning tasks on a small scale while commercial cleaning tasks involve complete cleaning of the facility done once or twice a year.

Commercial Janitorial Services For Business Facilities

In India, commercial facilities and public spaces face high traffic and are overused. Business owners must get the facilities cleaned daily to keep the workspace and other well-maintained and hygiene. Janitorial services are scheduled daily, weekly or twice a month. The janitorial cleaning requirement will be based on the business and its facilities.

It includes everyday sweeping and mopping of the office floor, cafeteria, kitchen restrooms and dusting, vacuuming, disinfecting surfaces. Standard cleaning solutions and products are used for the purpose. The service will also include minor repairs, building and facility maintenance. Some companies will also recommend in-house facility managers on a contract basis. They will be a part of the company and will be subject to all the standard employee policies that include insurance, policies, sick leave, taxes and paid vacation.

It will be helpful to have them assist with office cleaning requirements, but their schedule should not interfere with the regular activities of other employees. Janitorial services do not require the staff to be formally trained. People who have experience with household work or professional cleaning will be sufficient for the job. The cleaning service companies properly vet janitors. They will have a certain level of professionalism, consistency, assurance and quality control. If you plan to employ a janitorial service, you need to plan the work and put a schedule for them.

Commercial Cleaning Services For Business Facilities

Commercial cleaning services are extensive cleaning services that are not done regularly. It is mostly scheduled to be done once or twice a year. Such vast cleaning requires professional help and hiring a commercial cleaning company will do just for all your cleaning purposes. There are several cleaning services companies available in India, and they can be hired for a one-time cleaning service. Bigger cleaning services require more time, and you might want to know the kind of services they will be provided so you can plan it.

Typical cleaning service offered will include carpet cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, hard surface and floor cleaning, upholstery and furniture cleaning, power washing and window washing. These are more complex and specialised tasks, and janitors do not usually perform these. Commercial cleaning takes place on a large scale where the entire office premise and the building. It comes with safety regulations as the job involves dealing with potentially dangerous substances or conditions and other health risks. The staff will have to work at a height scaling the entire building to clean all the windows and the exterior.

People with the right training can only perform such risky jobs. It involves a lot of risk management and must not be achieved by inexperienced staff. Professional commercial cleaning staff will help you get the right team hired just for the job. You just have to pay a fixed rate or the one time job. The top facility management company will take care of the rest. A detailed quote will be drafted so you know the kind of services and the pricing so you will not be surprised with a new price later on. Trained professionals are hired and aware of the risks, safety protocols, and the security required.

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