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Make Lifts & Elevators COVID-Safe With These Practices!

COVID-19 has changed our world. More so for workplaces and commercial establishments that are often considered as high-traffic areas. One such area is the lift or elevator. Did you know? The call button of a commercial lift has more bacteria than a public toilet seat- at least 40 times more! So, even if we have […]

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Benefits An IFM Company Can Offer To Residential Buildings

The Necessity Of IFM Services In Indian Residential Buildings IFM or integrated facility management is a crucial factor for all residential buildings. In India, the number of residential societies, gated communities or even standalone buildings has grown in leaps and bounds. This has led to the need for managing properties. It is the services of […]

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Best Practices For Disinfecting And Sanitising Buildings In India

A new challenge residential and commercial buildings face is keeping workers and tenants safe from COVID-19. It has become a priority to reduce the risk of exposure by following the right cleaning steps. Besides the usual precautions of wearing masks and maintaining social distance, buildings and facilities can take a few more steps. For example, […]

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Smart IFM Services Are The Need Of The Hour For Every Facility Manager

Facility management includes a plethora of services that run the gamut, from keeping the premises clean to ensuring people’s safety. A facility manager has to stay on top of all the day-to-day duties. It is challenging, to say the least.  One way to accomplish this arguably the toughest challenge is to implement smart IFM services […]

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All You Need To Know About Implementing Sustainable Facility Management

Facility managers & Sustainability: Why the big deal? Sustainability is the new buzzword. Even those sceptical about global warming do not argue about practices designed to make sensible use of the earth's limited and dwindling resources. Sustainability is no longer considered innovative or progressive. It has become the way of life, and not adapting to […]

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Role of Smart Facility Management Companies in Reopening Facilities

With the COVID-19 vaccines on the roll-out, India is on the verge of returning to offices. If you operate a commercial building that houses offices or a coworking space, it is time to take stock and then careful action. From a smart facility management standpoint, reopening means being completely ready for the new reality. For […]

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Digital Transformation Of Facility Management Services

Technology has, without doubt, disrupted every industry and sector radically. Facilities management services in India are no different. The industry is using digital transformation for: Process improvement Validation of performance Reducing carbon footprint Standardisation of services Sustainability in the asset life cycle In this blog, we dive into why an FM company should become digital […]

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