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Our asset management & maintenance services provide Planned systems designed to optimise performance, increase its life & reduce the downtime of all Assets, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Drainage systems - Breakdown, Preventive, Predictive & Routine maintenance. While our maintenance management processes helps to guide the physical performance of maintenance equipment and activities efficiently, while our asset management programme helps to analyse all the data for the work needed to perform on the assets themselves.

UDS will identify characteristics that makes each asset “critical”. Through proper construction of the criticality analysis model, reliability engineering will be able to illustrate what reliability enhancements must be made to manage criticality, thus improving their ability to manage your building assets by criticality.

As a first step towards setting up a criticality analysis model we shall define the characteristics to analyze each maintainable asset that covers a wide range of business attributes, such as:

  • Mission and customer impact
  •  Safety and environmental impact
  •  Ability to isolate single point failures
  •  Preventive maintenance (PM) history
  •  Corrective maintenance (CM) history
  • Mean time between failures (MTBF) or “reliability”
  •  Probability of failure
  •  Spares lead time
  •  Asset replacement value
  •  Planned utilization rate

Managing Assets
by Criticality

Once we understand the meaning behind the number, the criticality analysis model becomes a tool used to develop the asset management program. For those assets that are within the top 20 percent, our reliability specialists will typically proceed with a failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) to assess the risk priority associated with each type of failure and to determine the appropriate corrective actions. We will also consider the critical characteristics that are common in our customers facility, across all assets, critical or not.

Index for

Asset criticality also provides us with a method to manage assets through work prioritization. The method of ranking maintenance expenditures is based on an index that combines both the “work classification” ranking and “asset criticality” ranking.

Essentially your facility assets will achieve:

  •  Improved operational efficiency
  •  Regulatory compliance
  •  Optimal asset life cycle maintenance
  •  Productive management solutions - Time based, Condition based & Corrective maintenance
  •  Asset resource planning
  • Transparency of information on all asset management activities
  •  Shared best practices
  •  Continuous availability of facilities
  •  Visibility of all infrastructure costs
  •  Inventory control

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