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Our engineers and field personnel are trained to work safely in the toughest of environments. Whether in highly protected critical environments like Airport Control towers, Datacentres, Aero defence installations, smart intelligent green buildings or a non-state of art facility - our staff are trained to identify potential hazards and take appropriate precautions to protect themselves as well as co-workers, and the general public. While providing quality services to our clients - it is always the goal of our business to meet all safety procedures in order to meet deadlines. At the end of the day, we would rather extend the duration of an activity in order to do it the correct and safe way rather than settle for any situations that could put our employees or clients at risk.

On day one of employment with UDS, every individual receives a Safety Orientation, where the company’s safety culture and expectations are presented. From there, specific safety training requirements are determined and assigned based on the individual’s role in the company. Our engineers and field personnel are trained to work safely under adverse conditions and work together to develop safe methods to collect accurate data for many different situations.

Safety audits are performed on a regular basis to verify that our employees have retained the training delivered to them and that they are practicing what they have been taught. These audits also provide inspections onsite in order to ensure there are not any other safety concerns that may exist that the crew may have overlooked. Auditors also look at equipment, assets, consumables, vehicles and PPE utilized by the crew to identify any condition that may make it unserviceable.

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Horizon scanning is one of our vital components to a maintaining a successful regulatory system in the provision of service delivery and proactively navigate regulatory changes. It transforms our ability to track and monitor regulatory change, new regulations, legislations, guidance and updates from around the country and link it to our customers compliance obligations.

Our business continuity plans are well tuned to handle any exigencies affecting service delivery. All necessary insurance policies dealing with public liability, accident & others are taken as required by our customers & as per risks identified in the industry.

ESI coverage, workmen’s compensation insurance or group personal accident policies are taken for our employees to cover any untoward turn of events. Other than those provided by the government, our employees are also covered with additional insurances that are beneficial to our employees. Third party liability insurance is covered on specific operations Some of the insurances taken by us are – Group Mediclaim Insurance, Group Personal Accident Insurance, Group workers compensation insurance policy, Fire, Burglary, Peril, Money, Cash in Transit - Total Office Package Policy, Professional Indemnity Ins, CGL insurance policy Motor Car Insurance, Crime liability policy, Term life insurance etc

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Risk Mitigation

Our Risk management plans are based on the principle of uninterrupted supply of service delivery in areas of Operations, Finance & Industrial Relations. Effective identification, analysis, control & monitoring of all operational activities plays a key prevention role in minimizing risks.

Our Risk Assessment & Management include:

  • Risk Assessment Methodology
  • Mitigation Plans
  • Understanding Types of Risks & Use Of PPE
  • Risk Management Action Plan & Process
  • Review the Process
  • Register/Assess Through CAFM Software


Health, Safety and Environment ( HSE )
  • HSE in operation and interfaced effectively with the customers HSE systems & policies
  • Specific process for the effective HSE management of sub-contractors in place
  • Competencies identified for HSE-critical positions and assured in place
  • Zero risk s & ' life saving rules’ implemented
  • Processes aligned to KPI’s
Operational excellence
  • Asset listing is up to date and accurate including the risk assessment and condition of critical assets
  • Maintenance and integrity plans in place to ensure the expected uptime and performance of key systems and critical assets
  • Statutory requirements identified and met
  • Regular assurance of building integrity including landlord-delivered items
  • Accuracy and timeliness of management information, cost forecasting, UDS payment and invoicing
Asset Management
and Maintenance
Managing Assets by Criticality
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