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Tips For Warehouse Facility Management!

If you are running one of the successful warehousing and logistics companies in India, you need to be aware of the importance of warehouse management. It is the activity that involves controlling and organizing everything within the warehouse and also ensuring that it functions in the best way possible. Some of the important acts involve in warehouse management includes:

  • Tracking and enhancing overall warehouse performance
  • Shipping, packing and picking orders
  • Managing new stocks that arrive in the facility
  • Owning and maintaining the necessary equipment
  • Organizing the warehouse and inventory

It is challenging to run a warehouse. One of the important logistical tasks is keeping everything moving where it requires good foresight, managing experienced people and planning. Certain warehouses function more efficiently than other warehouses. It would be due to how the process is managed or how the base is planned. However, there is sufficient space for improvement when you want to enhance efficiency.

One of the leading integrated facility management companies in India – UDS have shared exclusive tips that will help in managing the warehouse as competent as possible.

Tips to manage your warehouse!

Get organized:

When it comes to managing the inventory in your warehouse, it is important to easily find it and transport it to the customers within the promised time. If the warehouse is not well-organized, it has chances to remain as expenses in form of understocked and overstocked products and also wasted time. Proper organization aids in understanding the exact location of the product. Some of the top warehouses comprise sales and logic information to assist with its design. Products that are fast selling should be set up in an easily accessible place.

Plan regular counts and upkeep:

It is recommended to evaluate the number of goods and look out for damage. Limited count methods such as cycle counting are useful when you cannot count the whole inventory at steady intervals. It is also necessary to perform extra tallies of high risk and high-value stock.

Manage floor traffic:

Though you have optimized the floor layout of the warehouse, there are chances to face traffic when you do not plan correctly. It is best to keep individuals (who do not play a part on the floor) away from the floor. Maintain staff and business transactions away from the movement of goods over the warehouse from receiving to transporting.

Utilize WMS or (Warehouse Management System):

If you want to make your warehouse an efficient one, you can consider utilizing advanced technology and tools such as WMS or warehouse management systems that assist in managing internal logistics. The application will assist you in analyzing demand and current stocks, plan floor layout and help with the inter-facility message. It may take some time to integrate the best WMS. However, you can enjoy various benefits once it is set up in full fledged in your warehouse.

Go Digital:

Though paper counts are effective, they need bulky physical storage and reproduction. In most cases, you will be scanning them. So, it is best to switch to digital from the traditional paper system. When you maintain a paperless process, you can make the entire analysis simple and save the recording space. When you do not digitize, you have to spend a lot of time scanning and data entry activities.

Ingredients for better warehouse management!

Prioritize safety:

Injuries and accidents cost businesses money and time every year. Though you receive small gains by cutting corners, it would not be valuable for a long time. Zero safety accidents are the only best goal. Ensure to invest in constant safety training to safeguard the workers. If your warehouse business involves heavy machinery, you have to mark traffic lines and train warehouse staff and machine operators to observe and follow the lines. For better safety, ensure to set up proper lighting throughout the warehouse.

Fix an appropriate receiving routine:

When you fix a proper receiving routine, it is possible to avoid large issues that may arise in the later process. When you receive materials and products, ensure to check and determine the incoming items. Look out for the damaged products. Thus, you do not have to transfer damaged goods to the customer. By planning and following an efficient receiving process, you can notice an accurate inventory count.

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