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Interesting Facts On Industry Staffing Services In India

An organisation in any sector requires workforce and resources. Based on the company's size and the kind of industry, the number of employees needed will vary. The workforce requirement in industries has paved the way for a unique sector that caters to recruiting, staffing and workforce solutions. It is more sophisticated than you can imagine. Manpower outsourcing company provide a complete workforce solution based on the required skill sets. We are the leading facility management company in India that offers complete staffing solutions for every industry.

It is a comprehensive solution for all tour workforce needs, including workers and other staff. The staffing industry has been around since 1940. It was a time when many employees left their jobs to join the military during the second world war. There was a void in the industry but left with no choice due to lack of talent. This situation paved the way for staffing agencies responsible for providing a trained and skilled workforce. Today, it is no longer restricted to temporary and administrative jobs but specialises in virtually any industry covering a wide range of professional positions.

Manpower Staffing Services And Its Efficiency

The staffing industry has dramatically evolved over the years in India since the 1960s. It has grown into a billion-dollar industry with a revenue of $174 billion. In the US alone, there are over 20k recruiting and fast-growing staffing industries. Across the globe, companies have offices that generate annual revenue of more than $10m, and most of them are public trading staffing companies. Organisations increasingly depend on staffing companies have resulted in massive growth—the shift from the traditional 9 to 5 jobs, flexible and on-demand workforce. The number of staffing agencies is only expected to increase in the coming years as there is a demand for the contingent workforce. Staffing agencies are known by different names. It is called an employment agency, recruitment firm or headhunter.

The purpose and intent are the same. Staffing companies are known by different names but serve the same essential function of placing candidates for companies for a charge. Some staffing companies will cater to specific industries and for specialised skill sets. Staffing agencies can help companies hire highly skilled and experienced candidates. Staff employed with recruiting agencies are well-connected individuals. They are professional people who are flexible and know the art of negotiation. They are aware of the opportunities present in different fields and different companies.

Staffing agencies negotiate for high pay with other amenities. They have a vast pool of skilled and talented individuals with experience. Perceptions are changing in the way we work. Gone are the days of salaried, long term, full-time jobs. Contract workers, freelancers, temporary employees or consultants are here to stay. Often called contingent workers, they will make up 40% of the workforce in the coming years. Staffing agencies are well equipped to place contract employees for a short term. Temporary solution and employment arrangement is a personal choice, and economic shifts and staffing agencies are geared for this change.

Manpower Staffing Services For A Perfect Staffing Solution

Permanent jobs are still a draw in India. Many seek the security and financial stability of a permanent position. But, temporary employment can be a good stepping stone for your permanent jobs. Experience with temporary jobs will make one more employable, and most of them will be offered with permanent positions once they gain skills and expertise. Most hiring professionals seek staffing agencies' help as they face the challenge of a reduced number of inexperienced applicants.

Additionally, they face competition from other recruiters. To get the right candidates, companies will have to spend more effort on creative means of recruiting and training. As many face the implementation challenge, many companies contract to recruit experienced staffing agencies to hire qualified and well-experienced candidates. The staffing agencies cater to different sectors, mainly industrial, professional, managerial, clerical, office staff, administrative, information technology, health care, and scientific.

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