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Some Important Benefits Of Hiring Industrial Staffing Agencies In India

Industrial staffing is an independent, third-party agency that takes up all hiring and recruiting functions of a company. The aim is to connect employers and job seekers. The job is not all that simple as it sounds. Many organizations find it excruciatingly hard to find the right talent for the right job. It is a crucial point and one that affects a company's success. We are a leading facilities management company in India that provides a comprehensive and effective solution for managing facilities and recruiting staff. We connect with employers to understand the staffing requirements. The requirement is in the form of job descriptions and skillsets required for each position.

Our job is to understand the talent requirement and find the right fix fully. Most staffing agencies have a database of skilled candidates. We need to screen all the resumes, shortlist the right candidate and arrange interviews. The process continues until the employer finds the perfect match. Some staffing agencies work differently. They will have in their payroll employees who will get hired to other companies for temporary, short term or long term duration. But, most of the staffing agencies do provide temporary staffing solutions based on the requirement.

Benefits Of Industrial Staffing Agencies

The industry staffing agencies will ease an organization's effort in hiring and recruiting. Most importantly, staffing agencies help organizations to save costs. The companies will not have to spend on advertising the positions in various media. There will not be any expense incurred on drug screening, background testing, and pre-employment testing. The company will do training, onboarding, and creating payroll. In India, sporadic business sectors lay off staff when the business is down. This habit has brought an ill reputation to many companies, especially in the IT sector.

Maintaining a volatile workforce temporarily through staffing agencies will help revive this situation. It will also help bring down the unemployment cost. It may take months for companies to recruit talents with specialized skills.

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Advertising and searching through multiple channels can be time-consuming and a strenuous process. It is a lot of work for the hiring managers to sift thousands of resumes, interact and make arrangements for interviews, negotiate deals and send offer letters. Staffing agencies will have the resources and techniques in hand with a pool of skilled candidates that can be shortlisted within a few days.

The staffing agency handles all the hassles and paperwork. The agencies will have specialized knowledge and expertise to find the right match for the position. They have more contacts and connections within the industry and are aware of the market changes. It allows them to invest more in recruitment software and the latest technology. The experience and expertise of staffing agencies will help organizations hire skilled talent pools that match the job positions. When they receive a new requirement for a position, they have immediate access to a broader and better talent base.

Employability and retention are much higher when staffing agencies handle the process. Most staffing agencies offer a lot of flexibility for employers. They don’t have to worry about long term commitments and can send them off once the project is signed off. Staffing agencies have a broader client base and more openings, and hence the chance of getting hired is higher. They also handle different industries, and the job seekers have a wider choice of job opportunities with a lot of flexible working styles.

Interesting Facts About The Actual Job Market

Industry staffing is crucial in India, with jobs getting more challenging and a shortage of talent pool. Study estimates indicate that 67% of people find the job more challenging than five years ago. It also shows that it is now 62% tougher to find the right match for a job position than five years back. A whopping 59% admit a shortage of skilled and experienced laborers. The competition with other recruiters has become more challenging by 52%, which is a huge issue. These facts indicate that the job market is volatile, and recruitment is a tough business that can be handled efficiently by industry staffing agencies.

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