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Facility Management: The new discipline

Facility Management or FM is fast gaining popularity as one organization after another realizes the value of the services rendered by this relatively new discipline. To better understand what a facility management company’s job entails, and how they can impact an organization's working capacity, we must first break down their job scope.

Every FM service’s strategies focus on four main points: the people, the procedures, the infrastructure and the technology. 

In this article, we make an in-depth analysis of how an FM company functions, based on these above four criteria. 

How a facility management service functions 

  • Supporting the workforce

One of the prime objectives of the FM services is to create an enjoyable work atmosphere for their client’s workforce. It involves many more important processes such as recruiting, training, and optimizing the performance of the employees. 

Workplace optimization is done by all FM services, irrespective of the size of the workforce. Their strategies comprise the safety and comfort of the workforce by implementing practical long-term solutions for workplace optimization. A daily analysis of workplace optimization effectively reduces costs and increases employee engagement and productivity. 

Facility managers who are in charge of the entire FM team are responsible for workload planning, disciplinary and grievance, and appraisals. It is also his/ her responsibility to maintain order and prevent chaotic situations that impact the work of the employees. 

  • Facility maintenance and improvement

Another primary function of FM services is to maintain the physical infrastructure of a site or building and take preventive measures. This responsibility includes:

  • Tending to all the basic amenities in the facility.
  • Keeping everything in a working condition.
  • Foreseeing any issues and handling them before they impact the workflow.
  • Ensuring that services are upgraded and primed to meet the growing needs of the company. 

It is also the responsibility of the FM services to create a controlled and safe environment that promotes the enterprise's growth. Some of the indispensable services for infrastructural management includes:

  • Maintenance of electrical equipment. 
  • Repair of organizational facilities. 
  • Fire protection measures.
  • Emergency escape plans.
  • Waste management strategies.
  • Safe disposal of hazardous material.
  • Implementing sustainable, environment friendly ideas. 
  • Maintenance and monitoring of company parking lots. 
  • Contracting safe and hygienic caterers for the company's cafeteria. 


  • Logistics management

Logistics is a very important part of an organization, especially if it is a manufacturing business, clearing and forwarding agents, exporters, importers, food services, travels, etc. FM services seek to cut down costs while increasing efficiency, while overseeing the entire day-to-day operations of logistics. 

  • Health and safety management

Whether the business is well-established or growing, health and safety management is given high priority. It is more emphasized if the site is a production unit that deals with heavy machinery, dangerous chemicals, risky work environment, and hazardous substances. Management of the facility must ensure that the company is one the right track with all industry and health safety requirements. 

  • Overall maintenance 

Overall maintenance of the entire property can be a great challenge, which is why businesses must include the facility management’s representative or the manager for strategic decision-making. It also depends on how the building management system and the facility management system collaborate and implement successful strategies. 

The facility management team covers duties such as:

  • Repair and maintenance activities in the building. 
  • Minor or major renovations.
  • Cleaning and painting of the building.

In big corporate buildings, the facility management also oversees the catering operation. They are responsible for purchasing food items from the vendors and ensuring that the food is hygienically cooked and served for the employees. 

  • Budget management

An effective FM service needs a special allocation of the budget for the team to render the services. But it is also the responsibility of the FM manager to keep the expenses within the stipulated amount. 

Every project has to be pre-planned, implemented without any delay and analyzed to fine tune it for future reference. Often the FM manager will collaborate with the finance department of an organization to keep the budget on track. 

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