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What is wrong with the current asset management systems in facilities?

A majority of buildings have disconnected building systems, limited mobile functionality, expensive maintenance softwares, lack of predictive maintenance, complicated processes, no real time monitoring of asset health and performance resulting in a cumbersome administration

What is UDS building? The best way to predict the future of assets is to invent it!

UDS is building a unique Integrated Facilities Management application inhouse - that aims to transfer facilities into connected assets driven by Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning. The app empowers businesses to build great digital customer experiences backed by Operational excellence with complete workflow solutions covering key user journeys, full integration to business and backend processes and process automation for repetitive manual tasks. Work orders or requests are planned, managed and monitored with resources whose skillsets are mapped to bring in maximum efficiency in all tasks or specifically in preventive, scheduled reactive & predictive maintenance related. Our digital transformation IFM apps can also be used for on boarding, attendance, map employee life-cycles & real-time service monitoring of end to end integrated operations and asset & inventory management programmes. Our data analytics are analysed real time to identify inefficiencies and anomalies, detect trends, predict potential issues, reduce operational costs and improve the environments in which your people work.

The app also provides performance history of an asset or premises or comparisons with efficient sensing, controls, Data analytics, automatic smart actions in facility to the nex-gen industry 4.0

Asset intelligence, Data drive maintenance, sensors, central command & control centre, video analytics, AI & ML predictions with a mobile inteface and ready to use platforms is your fast lane to great connected workspaces.

Change is inevitable,

growth is not.

Is your brand positioned to thrive in today’s digital world? If you’re ready to conquer digital transformation in your facility services, we’re your people.

The Digital Advantage

Cost and Time Savings
Increased Staff Productivity
Increased Asset Life
Increased Safety, Security and Compliance
Reduced Breakdowns
Happier Occupants

How does it work?

Asset Intelligence
Data Driven Maintenance
Sensors at key locations
Centralised Command and Control Center
Video Analytics
AI & ML predictions
Mobile First, Easy to Use Platforms

Computerised Facility Management

Asset Management System
Maintenance Management System
Facility Help Desk & Tracking
Vendor Management System
Inventory Management System
Attendance System Interface
Visitor Management System Interface
Workflow Implementation
Tenant Facility Billing Interface

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