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Understanding The Different Ground Maintenance Services Available In India

An aesthetically beautiful and pleasing exterior is an excellent addition to properties. Installing functional and beautiful landscapes is only a start. Regular maintenance of landscape makes it look prim and proper the way it was initially designed. It is as important as the initial installation to maintain the plants and trees. For a property manager, ground maintenance is an ongoing process. We are a leading integrated facility management services company in India that has the expertise in maintaining and managing facilities of any size and shape.

Both commercial and residential properties will require a beautiful landscape that will please the eyes of its customers. The property owners have to make it look pleasing. It will keep customers happy, and the facility is bound to attract more tenants. If you install an easy-to-maintain lawn, life will be easy for you because lawns of any size require daily maintenance. We suggest hiring experienced and reliable lawn maintenance services to keep your property look beautiful and flourishing. Services involve activities like flower bed maintenance to renovating turf. The landscape must look the same throughout the year, and maintenance service should consider seasonal changes.

Essential Ground Maintenance Services

Lawn maintenance services in India provide complete landscaping services, or they provide professionals who will help you maintain the lawn. Irrigation installation and its maintenance is an essential landscaping service. Regular landscaping irrigation will use 50% more water than what is required. A poorly maintained system will result in a loss of water that doesn’t reach its source. A sound irrigation system that is maintained well will reduce water usage, pollution, improves plant health and the well-being of the lawn. The irrigation must be serviced twice a year.

Trees and plants will be trimmed and pruned regularly. In a lawn, we don’t allow plants and trees to grow out of shape. We reduced and removed unnecessary parts of plants and trees regularly, resulting in a healthy lawn. Green grass is a part of any lawn and to maintain and produce green, healthy grass. We also provide effective pest control services. Pest is a continuous process and not a yearly event. If an area is infested, it requires year-round monitoring and maintenance. As a property manager, you must encourage your tenants to communicate pest issues to address them effectively.

The last thing you want is a building filled with cockroaches, mice, termites, and bed bugs. Weeds are pesky guests that will spoil your landscape. Weed management services include mowing pulling, tillage, solarization, and flooding. If not taken care of from the very beginning, weeds can choke plants and quickly take over your garden. Hydroseeding is another service we offer. It is a planting process that involves combining mulch and seed. This mix is sprayed over a ground that is prepared for sowing seeds. It is an alternative to the traditional way of planting dry seeds.

Other Common Services You Need To Ask For

Most of the standard landscaping services provided by companies in India are discussed here. General bed detailing and maintenance include weeding, trimming, ground cover, controlling, removal of dried blooms and leaves, among others. This service is vital as the lawn will be kept clean and well maintained. A spring clean-up is a more in-depth process of cleaning and maintenance of the bed. It involves grass dividing and perennial, mulch raking, bed edging, seasonal trim down. We do such deep cleaning of the lawn thrice a year. Hedging and pruning will be done at a regular time every year.

Each type of plant will have its bloom period, which must be taken into consideration while pruning. The plant care must be done by providing proper feed and nutrients. The landscaping plan should include regular provision for providing plant feeds. Chemical feeding should also be included in the plan as it takes care of the turf plants and provides protection against weeds and pests. For an extra impact, we have seasonal displays of annual flowers for every season. Such an event will provide excitement for the onlookers and tenants.

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