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Different Tips And Measures That Help Effective Landscape Maintenance In India

Lawns add to the beauty of the real estate, be it a company, factory or mall. Lawns of different shapes and sizes will enhance the appeal of the entire landscape. Lawns are present for time immemorial. It attracts the eye of the public and the customers. Private gardens, parks and public areas can be an ideal place for a good, luscious lawn. It is a space that can be allocated for recreational activities, events and also sports. Cricket, hockey, tennis and golf are some of the sports that can be played on the lawn's green cover.

Lawn maintenance is essential to make the lawn prim and proper. We are the top facility management companies in India that provide complete facility management solutions, including cleaning, disinfection, janitorial, security and landscaping. Landscaping is not just about shrubs and bushy flowers. It is also about deciding the right layout for the garden and selecting the right plants to give the required look.

Different Measures That Make Lawn Maintenance Easy

Lawns have been a part of cast properties in India. A green cover in front of the building will be an excellent view of outsiders and insiders. A facility manager will have added responsibilities of taking care of the lawn along with other work. It will be easier to opt for native plants as they require less maintenance and have good resistance to pests and diseases. Every place has some native plants that grow well in the environment and climatic conditions.

Using hardscape features will increase the appeal and reduce maintenance. Patios, walkways, and pavers are practical options that provide extra space for tenants and save time. It creates a nice looking yard while reducing the time spent on irrigating and mowing the lawn. Outdoor space will attract renters faster. Investing in an excellent weed control fabric will help eliminate erosion, weeds and splits soil profile. It reduces the effort put into lawn maintenance.

Mulching is another maintenance activity that involves adding shredded bark, leaves, sawdust, wood chips to the surface of the lawn. This helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and also regulate the temperature of the soil. Proper watering and irrigating the plants is the secret to a beautiful lawn. Today, we have an automatic irrigation system that ensures constant watering. It saves time, water usage and money but still helps you achieve a beautiful lawn. It makes watering the lawn efficiently. You must choose an irrigation system that will suit the landscape size, type and also watering schedule.

Tips To Help You With Lawn Maintenance

Properties in India employ innovative tips to maintain the landscape and lawns. We have helped facility owners to convert barren lands to beautiful lawns. You need to clear all soil bumps. We recommend clearing pebbles, bricks, and other lumps in the soil. We offer professional help by converting barren land and using weeds efficiently for compost pits. We take the structure of the land while converting.

The presence of drainage pipes and water pipes will hamper lawn maintenance. We will dig the acreage and water it well, and add more soil if required. Choosing the type of grass can be a challenge. Different types of grass include bluegrass, bentgrass and ryegrass. Buffalo grass, carpet grass and centipede grass are warm-season grasses. There are other types of grass. We recommend the optimal use of fertilisers and chemicals for the growth and development of growth. It plays an essential role in the functioning of the grass.

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