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The Difference Between Lawn Maintenance And Lawn Care Services

Lawn maintenance is the process of cleaning and maintaining the property. A lawn must be kept manicured all through the year. Expert in lawn maintenance services suggests that maintenance activities must be conducted throughout the year at regular intervals. Lawns need to be prepared for every season. We are a leading facilities management company in India that offers impeccable service to maintain your entire property. Cleaning up the lawn for winter, preparing the beds for spring, and mowing regularly are some of the maintenance offered by companies. Some of the common maintenance services will include lawn mowing, weed control, pruning trees and shrubs, edging walkways, driveways and patios, spring and fall clean-up.

What Is Lawn Care?

Lawn care is a process of providing total care to the lawn. It includes plants, trees, soil, and turf. Lawn care will consist of treating the lawn with fertilizers to improve soil health, weed control, and disease management. It helps provide green, lush grass. Providing care will make the lawn disease-free and drought-resistant. It improves the appeal of the facility. Lawn care will involve the use of organic and inorganic chemicals. Some companies also offer pest and weed control services. If it is a residential property, organic treatment will be safer for pets and families.

The common services provided by lawn care companies are pest control, fertilizer application, pre-emergent, post-emergent crabgrass, weed control, thatch control, tree, plant, and shrub pruning, irrigation systems, mulching, soil testing, root stimulators, organic care, among others. You need several tools to take care of your lawn. It is always handy to have some tools for emergency work.

You need a lawnmower to cut grass, a lawn trimmer to clean the edges, a leaf rake to clean out dried leaves and blooms, a soil rake for seed preparation and remove unwanted material, a spreader to fertilize the lawn, and a hose with a sprayer to water the garden, flowers, and grass bed. If you have trees and shrubs, you will need, hand pruner to shape flowers, shrubs and remove unwanted branches. You will also need hedge shear to clean and shape hedges.

Difference Between The Two

Both lawn maintenance and lawn care focus on improving the look of your facility. Lawn care refers to maintaining the health and vitality of the lawn. If the property is as green as you expected, it is due to excellent lawn care. It helps improve the health of the soil, grass, plants, and trees. Lawn care services make sure that both the soil and turf are disease-free, drought-resistant, and remain healthy throughout the year. It promotes lush green lawn with the use of organic treatments and chemicals.

Lawn maintenance is much more sophisticated. It transforms the look of the lawn with regular clean-up. Lawn can quickly accumulate debris. Lawn maintenance will take care of removing the trash and also provides an insight for new landscaping projects. Lawn maintenance services need to be done routinely, either weekly or monthly and sometimes yearly. Whether you want to do it on your own or get professional help, you need to understand both. Lawn care ensures health, whereas lawn maintenance is the routine task involved in maintaining a lawn, prim and proper. Lawn maintenance companies offer both as a set of services that you can provide from time to time based on your requirement. A healthy, green, and tidy lawn promotes the well-being of the facility and its inmates.

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