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Food and Catering Service

The most memorable culinary experiences are those that inspire. Known for our consistency, timeliness and fresh menus, we provide wholesome, nutritious and tasty food at all commercial and industrial facilities. Our professional teams provide quick, effortless planning and helps you arrange a flavourful menu that will make your employees look forward to eating at work.

Connect with us for power lunches, general breakfast, lunch and dinners for your employees, meeting and conference lunches or dinners, networking session lunches or any themed food events. You can also savour our traditional snack items that are a hit amongst our customers during mid afternoon tea and coffee breaks. We can collaborate with you to create custom built menu presentations that suit all kinds of palates at the workplace.

Our kitchens are large, hygienic and equipped with the latest state of art equipment and we pride ourselves on food safety and rely on daily frequent lab tests to ensure that all ingredients and food are totally safe and bacteria free for consumption. Our kitchens are fully sanitized and disinfected before and after use to ensure hygienic and safe bacteria free work zones at our food production areas. Additionally, air curtains are installed to ensure a dust free environment. Our cooks wear masks and follow all Covid -19 protocols at every step from purchase of groceries to food production to delivery and ensure that we maintain a germ-free environment that are perfectly safe for your employees

Engage with us - if you are keen on partnering with the most trusted catering firm in existence for over 30 years, inspired by cuisines from all over India.

Custom built menus
timeliness and fresh menus
Hygienic and safe bacteria free work zones
Refreshing your employees on the go
Follow all set protocols for Covid – 19
More than a decade of serving satisfied customers throughout India

Beverage & Vending Services

With more than a decade of serving satisfied customers throughout India, our beverage and vending services are tailored to suit your facility’s unique requirements and preferences. Machines are planned & stocked based on consumption patterns with fresh farm grown products. Our beverage brings a taste of the traditional to your palate while refreshing your employees on the go.

We follow all set protocols for Covid – 19, which makes us one of the most trusted beverage and vending services provider for your beverage and vending needs at your workplace, in the most efficient and safest way possible

Our offerings include

A range of fresh milk, coffee, tea & other health drinks
Espresso, Black coffee, Coffee with milk, South Indian filter coffee, Bean to cup freshly brewed tea, soups and other health drinks
Wholesome, nutritious, affordable & balanced meals
Appropriate amalgamation of International, Asian & Indian cuisines to suit all taste buds
Fast food, specialty & or business food menus
Complete support systems for food court management including, operating & out sourcing partners with a single point responsibility
Multi-speciality food courts with UDS as a food management solution provider offering a good quality dining experience’

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