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Seamless performances of equipments, installations, assets along with business continuity are highly important and critical to the business environment. Ever since its inception in 1985 - as one of India’s oldest and most reliable IFM and Business Services company, UDS has established a history with our clients on improving critical facility reliability, finding cost savings and implementing value-added strategies.

While ensuring that a robust process and system is designed for Operations and Maintenance of central utilities as per OEM specifications - from the generation point to the consumption point with automated technologies, we also keep in mind all Health, Safety and Environment compliances, Risk impacts and cost benefits to the facility. Our processes for Planned, Preventive & Predictive Maintenance programmes eliminate or considerably reduce down time, maximize revenues at lower operating costs. Our team operates with a complete client focus on high availability: listening to, responding to, and anticipating what your needs and business goals are and how to reach those goals in an efficient, economical approach while maintaining business continuity and maximum reliability. Innovative asset management solutions drive sustainability goals and improve processes to deliver consistent value. We also work in close coordination with nominated supply partners and sub-contractors ensuring their productivity while cross mapping all processes and systems with clients QMS systems to maintain business continuity and maximize uptime. Our team of SME’s collaborate to deliver the most cost-effective, environmentally responsible engineering services for our clients, innovating to improve the manageability and control of critical systems.

Preparation a key to
safety success

Our engineers and field personnel are trained to work safely in the toughest of environments including highly protected critical environments like Airport Control towers, Datacentres, Aero defence installations, Smart intelligent green buildings or a non state of art facility and are trained to identify potential hazards and take appropriate precautions.

From day one of employment, every employee receives a Safety Orientation, where the company’s safety culture and expectations are inculcated. Our engineers and field personnel are trained to work safely under any adverse conditions.

Safety audits are performed on a regular basis to verify our employees safety knowledge. Regular inspections ensures minimization of any incident that compromises safety. Our safety teams also inspect equipments, assets, consumables, vehicles and PPE utilized to identify any condition that may make it unserviceable.

Service Highlights

Electrical distribution from 440 volts to 220KV system
Backup Diesel Generators – multiple generators with synchronization
UPS / Rotary UPS systems
Compressed air systems
Steam system (IBR boilers)
Gas Plants – Nitrogen, Oxygen etc
Fire protection and preventive systems
Water & Treatment systems
Material Handling equipments – Forklifts, Conveyors etc
Building Maintenance – Plumbing, Civil etc
Data centre (Critical environment management)
BMS systems
Asset Management
and Maintenance
Managing Assets by Criticality
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Safety, Compliance &
Risk Managament
Preparation is the key to safety success
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