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Hiring Commercial Disinfectant Services During The Pandemic: What To Expect

As businesses open up across India after the unexpected, extended lockdown, there is a great demand for disinfection services. Since there is no shortage of these services in our country, a single online search is bound to come up with thousands of providers who claim their service to be the best in town. But are they all as good as they claim to be? How effective are their commercial disinfectant services? Will their service provide ample protection against the Coronavirus?

When choosing a disinfectant service provider and requesting a quote, it is prudent to ensure they fulfil the following criteria given further in the article.

Do They Ensure The Efficacy Of Disinfection Products Against Coronavirus?

Any service provider who advertises that their company's disinfection service completely wipes out the Coronavirus is making a false claim. The truth is a far cry from what most disinfection services claim in the current scenario. The real answer is this: Nobody knows if the Coronavirus is susceptible to commercial disinfectants because the virus is a new one. There is no much evidence to support the claim.

Although some products are effective against many viruses and bacteria, there is no guarantee that they wipe out the Coronavirus. Hence, it is wise to stay away from services providers making such false claims.

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Do they conduct tests to show the efficiency of the cleaning service?

A reliable disinfectant company will carry out various tests to demonstrate their services' efficiency once they are done. One of the common tests is the ATP test or Adenosine Triphosphate test, most carried out in hospitals and health environments.

Do they have the equipment, trained teams and the expertise to render disinfection services?

Many people who have been rendered jobless due to the pandemic have joined the bandwagon of starting disinfection services. Such companies cannot offer what clients are looking for, mainly because they lack the experience and expertise.

Entrusting the facility or residence to inexperienced companies can turn out to be a costly mistake. They cannot provide a comprehensive disinfection service without a knowledgeable, well-trained team and the right equipment.

How will they deal with airborne pathogens?

How well-prepared is the company in dealing with airborne viruses, especially in the case of the Coronavirus? What is their disinfection protocol to handle such complexities? Although the current SOPs state that all windows and doors must be left open to reduce the transmission of the virus via air, it is not possible in all buildings.

The company should have the expertise to devise a unique approach to address airborne viral particles. If not, it is time to shift the focus to another company that gives due diligence to deal with this challenge.

Do they have adequate insurance to protect their clients?

A well-established disinfection service will have adequate protection for their team and the client in the form of insurances. It is important to verify if the company has documents to prove liability insurance to cover any incidents that may, unfortunately, happen in the workplace.

Checking out opinions about the company on their website or through Google search will also give an idea about their reliability and efficiency.

Cost-effective Commercial Disinfectant Services From UDS, India

UDS is India's leading facility management company that offers excellent commercial disinfection and sanitisation services. Our services are well-structured to meet the latest demands to deal with the new virus. UDS cares for protecting your facility and its occupants, which is why we are very strict about using only environment-friendly disinfection chemicals. To know more about our services, check out our website.

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