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Making Use Of Commercial Disinfectant Services - A Guide For Property Owners In India

Property owners are having a strenuous time due to the pandemic. It has been a challenging time for many to maintain property hygiene and germ-free. It is not just cleaning; commercial spaces need to be disinfected. Space may look clean and dust-free but not necessarily hygiene. There is a big difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning will remove all dust and dirt from the surface and disinfecting will kill all germs from the commonly used surface to not spread any contagious diseases. Complete disinfection of the area will reduce the risk of spreading infection like a wildfire.

We must maintain commercial properties clean and hygiene. The Coronavirus that is ravaging the world spreads quickly from cough and sneeze droplets. The virus can stay on steel and plastic surfaces for 72 hours and other kinds of hard surfaces for up to 24 hours. Commercial disinfectant services provide cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting solutions for commercial spaces. We are a leading facilities management company in India that provides customised solutions for keeping commercial spaces clean and tidy.

How Commercial Disinfectant Services Provide Clean Spaces?

Commercial cleaning in India has grown into a distinctive sector with innovative solutions that can keep vast commercial spaces clean and tidy. It is an effective way to keep disease at bay. The services include cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting. They make use of practical solutions and chemicals for the job. Disinfectant cleaners provide complete protection against bacteria and germs. It has to be used safely and correctly. Commercial cleaning companies undertake cleaning services of all kinds of commercial spaces that include office buildings, schools, colleges, pubs, restaurants, clubs, etc. The goal is to disinfect all commonly used surfaces.

Most importantly, the spaces where the hand reaches has to be kept germ free. People do not wash or sanitise their hands more often than required. It has not become a habit to carry hand sanitiser while using public spaces. Property owners need to keep the space disinfected. Commonly used surfaces include door handles, lifts, phones screens, keyboards and others. High traffic areas are widely used by people and must be given special attention daily. The entrance and reception area of the offices, retail stores are spaces that see heavy footfall.

Cleaning is a task that should happen daily during the normal time, but during a pandemic, we recommend cleaning the facility at least twice a day. The target should be commonly touched surfaces. A deep clean should happen in case of a suspected coronavirus case in the facility. A deep clean is a thorough cleaning process and disinfecting all spaces including less commonly used areas, behind the surface, equipment and all others. It also included scrubbing carpets, floors, cupboards, and dusting ceilings. The quantity of chemicals used varies based on the surface to be cleaned.

Benefits Of Commercial Disinfectant Services

Commercial cleaning in India has become more advanced with technology and innovative methods. During the pandemic, such services have become vital as they enable the business and its resources to function daily. We support your business to continue even during the pandemic by safeguarding your resources and customers. We are available for any emergency requests or on a contract basis, and the tasks can be scheduled based on your planning without disrupting your daily activities.

Commercial cleaning services employ skilled and professional staff experienced in handling such jobs safely without causing any harm. They come with a wide range of experience and are aware of standard safety protocols. We use the right and advanced equipment and are also trained in the safety regulations that ensure the commercial space is well disinfected to maintain health for all. The hospital grade chemicals and solutions we use are of high quality with proven results. The staff is trained to use these chemicals safely and effectively. We help you plan all the cleaning tasks and disinfecting whether we use pandemic or not.

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